Our brand is "MIL"


PT Multi Integrasi Lestari


MIL®is registered brand for PT Multi Integrasi Lestari which represents a new breed of metal sheet fabricating company.

MIL® are dedicated to be a partner for customers and providing reliable solution in managing electrical system; from initial process until installation, as required.

Based on support of advanced machineries and facilities, MIL® is designed to be produced rapidly with effective cost. The highly experienced personnels are coupled with strong problem solving capabilities, will ensure to meet the customer’s requirements. MIL® strives to provide first class quality standard and reliable solution in after sales service.

MIL® - cable ladder and cable tray system,  are referring to CSA and NEMA standards and have been tested by credible institutions; such as SUCOFINDO and LMK. Furthermore, our management system have been held strictly on ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 by BSI.